What others have said…

I walked in with severe pain in my right hip and left shoulder. I cried myself to sleep because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t lay or sit without pain. I couldn’t believe the relief I have after Dr. DeTray helped me. I am able to sleep, sit and was able to bowl with my family without pain. All the extra little pains in other body parts have gone away too. -D.H.

Since I have been coming to DeTray Chiropractic, my life has become much more enjoyable. Doctor Megan and Doctor John are both great! My first impression was what kept me coming! They are both very friendly and they have great bedside manner. The staff up front is always kind and very helpful. The doctors are both informative and easy to get along with. I have been to other chiropractors and it just seems like they always gave the same old adjustment no matter what your symptoms. I appreciate that Dr. John and Dr. Megan take the time to help me with my specific needs. It feels like you are a part of a family when you go into the office. Everyone is happy to see you and you can tell they are all genuine! -S.K.

I’ve had some major stress due to traumatic injuries. However, because of Dr. Megan and the staff at the office, my physical health has improved. I would greatly suggest everyone to give chiropractic therapy a shot. It’s absolutely worth it! -J.V.

Headaches are my main complaint and both doctors do a great job getting me in and correcting my alignment quickly. -K.A.

My major complain is my neck. Chiropractic care has helped realign my spine. Monthly maintenance has proven to be necessary. I was always told at other offices to come back when I felt pain again. But the doctors and staff at DeTray Chiropractic are committed in making sure it doesn’t get to that point. They have taught me the importance of maintenance care even when I wasn’t “feeling” bad. I always thought that with age, I was supposed to feel achy and sore. They have shown me that that doesn’t have to be my reality. I am thankful for everyone at DeTray Chiropractic! -R.D.

Due to my flat foot and past foot surgeries, I had suffered with continual hip and back pain. Dr. Megan has improved my everyday life by relieving this pain and giving me more freedom and mobility. -E.R.

My major complaint was low back pain that prevented me from doing my daily activities at home or work outside the home.  I had a car accident in Jan. 2009 when it all started.  I was unable to work outside the home as well as in my daily living, even taking showers were a challenge that I hated.  I saw a demonstration that DeTray Chiropractic did at the Defiance County Fairgrounds and thought why not try it.  My life has been a total turn around in 9 short visits.  I went from getting epideral shots to no or little pain and am able to do my daily living and more.  I feel better. My self esteem has changed and the depression has lifted.  -L.A.

Since I’ve been coming to DeTray’s Office, my quality of life has improved so much.  I have fibromyalgia in my neck and shoulders, pain in my low back from a fall I had in ’07, and what I think is bursitis in my left shoulder.  Well, I can say in all honesty I feel like I’ve gotten my self back.  I was in so much pain I couldn’t even enjoy life, but now, I’m so happy because I can do the things I couldn’t before.  I finally am exercising again and gardening again (something I’ve really missed).  My sister saw Dr. DeTray’s ad in the paper and said I should give it a try, and I’m so glad I did.  Thank you Megan DeTray from one happy customer. -B.H.

My major complaint was headaches.  There were times I would wake up with a headache and still be there when I went to bed.  I would take alot of Ibuprofen. 2-10 pill a day.  I had this problem for at least 10 years.  I would miss out on a lot of functions because my head would hurt too much.  I was short tempered and very grouchy.  I have no more headaches.  I can’t remember when I took Ibuprofen.  My family can even notice.  I am more pleasant to be around and more energized. -T.J.

I had a lot of headaches.  I started the treatment plan and I do not get any headaches.  I had these for many years.  It would affect my day to day life.  I can say that it has been all chiropractic care.  I feel great! -R.H.

I had a lot of pain in my lower back and hip from sciatica.  I also carried tension in my shoulders.  It was on and off for 5 years.  I had suffered with sciatic pain.  Many times I had trouble sleeping and numbness and pain extending down my leg.  I now have less pain, better sleeping, better mobility.  I can’t take traditional pain medicines so this has been very helpful in getting my life back on track. -R.C.

My ribs were constantly out.  At first the adjustments weren’t helping.  I had this condition for the last 7 years.  It hurt to lay on the couch and watch TV.  It hurt to breathe at times and to bend over and pick things up off the ground.  I sleep much better now.  Dr. DeTray used russian stim and adjustments to help correct the problem instead of masking it. -S.D.